General Instructions

Please read each page's instructions as well.


Please read the following before beginning:

  • You can complete your application during multiple sessions and in any order that you choose.
  • You are free to edit your application up until the due date and time.
  • We do not accept late applications.
  • We do not accept paper applications.
  • If you are selected, you may be asked to submit an official transcript via postal mail.
  • Providing misleading or false information on your application is grounds for disqualification and/or dismissal from all programs.


We ask for the contact information we need in the application itself. By leaving your identification information in the files you upload, you are exposing yourself to an unnecessary security risk. It is your responsibility to protect yourself by removing this information before a file is uploaded.
Using the Site

Creating an Account

From the home page, click the New User button.

  1. Enter your name
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Enter a password
  4. Click Submit. Your account has been created. You can now login and complete the application.
Note: We will use your email address as our primary means of communicating with you. Please make sure your email filters will allow you to receive email from

Logging Out

After you login, your application will appear as you left it during your last session.

Logging Out

Always save your work (click "Save"), before you log out.


On the left side of the screen, there is a list of application sections. The various program selection committees will only consider applications in which all sections are complete. Make sure you save (click "Save") before going to a different section.

Before You Begin

Familiarize yourself with the entire application system and the programs offered before you begin.

Save Often!

After completing a section, select the "Save" button to save the data on that page.

Text-Box Entries

For text-box entries, you may key-in text or cut and paste from a word processor. If you are cutting and pasting, make sure that your entry reads correctly after you click the "Save" button. Many word processors support non-standard characters (such as bullets and smart quotes) that do not translate into ASCII text. While our system will catch most of these, you should always double check your results.

Final Submission

You are free to edit, submit, and retract your application up until the due date and time. At that time, your application will be automatically submitted, complete or not, and your account will be locked.

Application Guidelines
  1. Resume: Please include all relevant previous experience including any internships or coops with NASA, DOD, other federal agencies, Industry (location, dates, name of supervisor or mentor with contact information), previous degrees earned, etc.
  2. Personal Statement: Your essay should reflect why you would be an ideal candidate for the NASA Academy. This essay is important input for the evaluating your application. In no more than 500 words, describe your reasons for wanting to participate in the NASA Academy program and why you want to work on a team project. Include your experience as a member of a team of peers; any leadership experience of teams at school or at work; what you believe you can contribute; briefly describe your extra curricular activities.
  3. Letters of Reference: Applicants are responsible for asking and following up with references to make sure that they send in their letters on time. will generate an automated reference request upon your request, but does not automatically send follow up requests.
What happens after the application deadline? After the deadline
  1. Technical advisors will review and discuss the candidates.
  2. The program director will initiate contact with selected candidates (normally at the end of February).
  3. Selections will be announced on or before the second week of March.

Thank you for your interest.

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